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About RJC Autos

RJC-AUTOS on the Isle of Wight offers quality used cars, servicing, and repairs with 15+ years experience, equipped with advanced diagnostics at £25 for the initial scan.

Isle of Wight's Trusted Car Sales & Car Servicing for Over 15 Years - Quality, Care, and Expertise in Every Turn

RJC-AUTOS are an Isle of Wight based car sales company with over 15 years experience in the motor vehicle trade, we offer good quality, honest used cars for Island residents and are also able to offer competitive servicing and general repairs, including smart body repairs and MOT's. We also have up to date diagnostic equipment and offer a diagnostic service at £25 for the initial scan.

Extensive Industry Experience:

Over 15 years of industry experience on the Isle of Wight, ensuring deep knowledge and expertise.

All-in-One Car Services

Comprehensive car services, from quality used car sales to repairs, MOT's, servicing and detail cleaning.

Advanced & Affordable Diagnostics

Advanced diagnostic tools with an affordable £25 initial scan, providing cost-effective solutions for customers.

RJC-AUTOS: The Island's Trusted Auto Expert

Quality Used Car Sales, Servicing, and MOT's


With over a decade and a half in the automotive industry, RJC's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is evident. They not only offer a diverse range of top-notch used cars tailored for the Island residents but also prioritize maintaining those vehicles' peak performance. Their comprehensive suite of services ensures that every car remains in optimal condition.

From routine check-ups, detailed smart body repairs, to cutting-edge diagnostics offered at incredibly competitive prices, RJC-AUTOS firmly establishes itself as the Island's all-in-one solution for automotive needs. Their unwavering commitment to excellence makes it no surprise that they're the top choice for locals when it comes to vehicles.

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